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Our School

It’s a privilege and honour to lead the brilliant team at Sonning Primary School. Joining the school in January 2016, I inherited a progressive and thriving environment where the quality of guidance and the pastoral care was quite outstanding. Since then the Governors have empowered me to drive on and deliver on my commitment, ambition and determination to excel.

Naturally, I want pupils to achieve the best possible academic results, but I am also passionate about delivering sporting and creative excellence. I believe the best education is built on partnerships. Effective communication between home and school is essential if the needs of each child are to be recognised and met. Parents are always welcome and we encourage close dialogue. We have regular sessions when parents and teachers meet.  Our wider community including St Andrew’s church, Sonning village, alumni, partners, suppliers and friends makes the school quite unique.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Mr Luke Henderson