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Online Safety

Safer Internet Day 2020

Online Safety at Sonning Primary School is an integral part of our computing curriculum and is taught alongside every unit/skill rather than just as a stand-alone lesson however, at this time of year, it is an ideal opportunity to remind our pupils about the importance of staying safe online.

The pupils at Sonning Primary School are very lucky that they can use the internet within a safe and controlled environment and learn a range of skills such as; internet research, online programming and educational games. They are also fortunate that through our school learning platform eSchools, they can email, post messages, write blogs, upload work and understand why to use avatars rather than photographs of themselves. 

At school, we are confident that our pupils are using the internet safely but be honest, how many of you really know what your children are doing at home?

These days children learn how to use new technology so quickly and you will probably find that they can access websites, apps and more, that perhaps you don't even know about! This is why it is so important that you take the time to speak with your child about what they are doing. Do they know that they can come and speak to you if they feel uncomfortable about something they have seen on the web? Are they hidden away somewhere with their tablet, pc or mobile device? How do you know what they are doing?

Why not take some time to ask them? Lay down some clear rules for staying safe online at home and when out and about and check your parental settings on their devices. If you're not sure how to do this, have a look at the advice we have on our school website or come and speak to a member of staff.


The below attachments are especially good for those parents who may not understand all the computer jargon that their children talk about!