About The PTA

Did you know that when you join our school, you are automatically enrolled in the Parent, Teacher Association?

The PTA works tirelessly each year to raise extra funds for our school, so that we can buy fantastic resources like netbooks, reading scheme books and tablet computers as well as making huge contributions to larger projects like the recent redesign of the children's playground, refurbishment of the library and equipment for the quiet garden. 

We really appreciate the hard work that goes into running such events, but they are not possible without the help of YOU the parents of our pupils. Perhaps you have a special skill, a fund raising idea, or contacts in the local area. You may even just have a spare half hour, to help with setting up an event or run a stall. All help is welcome and much appreciated.

Please contact the PTA at sonningschoolpta@hotmail.co.uk and help our school raise these much needed extra funds.

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