English @ Sonning

Mrs Kelsall

English Subject lead

English is at the heart of all learning, teaching and communication in school and beyond. It is through language that children are able to express themselves and make sense of the world around them and their place therein. At Sonning, children are taught not only the basic skills which they require to succeed in modern society but we endeavour to foster a love of language – of reading, writing and of verbal expression – which will last them a lifetime. 

At Sonning we share our love of books by reading high quality literature to the children. We hear individuals and groups read and talk about their reading. Children are also given the opportunity to borrow from our newly re-furbished and extensive library.  We help the children to understand that great writing can be extremely powerful – that with creativity, sophisticated vocabulary, accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar, and high levels of presentation, they can use the written form to put across their ideas more effectively. We want our children to be confident communicators in a range of situations and to a variety of audiences.  And these learning experiences and expectations are not confined to the English lesson: rather we teach the children that these skills are tools to access and explore all the subjects in school and in their life outside school too. 

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