The curriculum in action

The curriculum at Sonning CE Primary School is broad and balanced. It aims to provide a structured programme for all children, while at the same time catering for the individual needs of each child.

‘As a learning community we hold ourselves accountable for welcoming valuing and nurturing every child and young person and his/her individuality. We will respond to individual need, starting from what the learner can do. We will make learning vivid and real, through enquiry, creativity, the use of appropriate technology and problem solving, within and beyond the curriculum. Effective teaching and learning is promoted through an emotionally literate environment and a culture of mutual respect, high expectations and aspirations. Through this we will foster: resilience, well-being, respect, authentic relationships, resourcefulness, independence, interdependence, self-esteem, reflection and a love of learning.’          

 (Teaching and Learning Policy vision statement)


In our school we teach the 10 subjects of the National Curriculum in Years 1-6 as well as Religious Education (RE) where we teach the Wokingham locally agreed syllabus; we also follow the non statutory guidance for PSHEE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education).  French is also taught as a Modern Foreign Language, throughout the Juniors.

At Sonning School we plan and work flexibly to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of our pupils and supports a creative curriculum approach.The curriculum is taught in a variety of ways. Most English and Maths is taught as a single subject; however opportunities are identified for further developing and applying these skills within other curriculum areas. Teaching groups remain flexible to ensure that work remains both challenging and interesting as well as meeting individual needs. 

Subjects are often grouped together in themes and topics – our children tell us this is the way they enjoy learning best!  Staff plan carefully to cater for the differing abilities of each child and to ensure continuity and progression of knowledge and skills in each subject area.

Home learning complements and supports work done in class. It will vary in amount and expectations dependant on the age of the child; further information can be found in the Home learning Policy. Further information about curriculum delivery and the curriculum maps can be found on the school’s website.

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